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20th-May-2006 03:45 pm - Klingon Klezmer
Anybody else heard of this group? What do you think?
20th-May-2006 01:45 pm(no subject)
saw the link for the in the klingon langauge community, and here i am. i have tinkered with thlinghan'hol in my psrae time, and is something i hope to study better in college, starting next year. i'm also workng on learning to use the bat'leth--quite a task! its, ya know, just a little different than japanese sword arts. The klingons were always one of my favorite races in Star Trek; the rugged designs of ships and tech, the language, the history and depth given to the race, etc. glad someone has started a community up for klingons as a whole!
20th-May-2006 11:09 am - Welcome!

Welcome to klingons! I hope to fill the need for a place for all things Klingon here. I have looked without much success for a good Klingon community, the best I could find was klingon which is mainly for the language and not Klingons on a whole.

I want this community to cover any and everything about Klingons, from their rituals and ceremonies, to culture, battle techniques, mating, and etc.... you name it I want it covered.

I would also like this place to be used in promoting your House, club, whatever you want as long as it is Klingon and Star Trek related. I do not mind some things posted that are about general Star Trek things, but I want most of the postings to be Klingon related.

So with that said....post, have fun and enjoy!




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