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Qapla' Balth je' (Honor and Success!)
Klingon Discussion: Honor 
20th-May-2006 05:51 pm
Ok everyone... Klingon fans and those who are not!

to get this community started I say we set up a discussion
having to do with Klingons and Honor!

If you ever watch the klingons on the shows, they are
all about honor.... everything they do is about being honorable

for instance.... Martok says at Worf's wedding to Dax
'What is the use in having honor... if you have no one to share it with?'

Post what you think and your comments on Klingons and honor!

Mike Winger
22nd-May-2006 04:20 am (UTC)

Well, honor is hard to define imho, but I think respect, integrity and honesty is a big part of honor, and that is how I see the Klingons. Even though they are a barbaric race who love to battle, their first and foremost thought is to do everything with honor, to show respect for their fellow Klin and elders.

I think that the human race should be more like the Klingons. Alot of the problems we have right now would probably be over with, if not never have been even started.

I have more to say, but I am pooped and my brain is shutting down, so I can't form anymore coherent thoughts atm.

Please peeps, reply with your opinions..... Before mykel_wyngre lets the tribbles loose
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